emergency notification system

Oakwood University has developed a comprehensive emergency notification system that effectively and simultaneously deseminates emergency information through multiple channels to as many people as possible.

Oakwood University Communication Channels include:

In the event of an emergency, the Oakwood University Police Department/and or the Department of Public Relations, sends messages to mobile devices of students, faculty and staff.

In the event of an emergency, emails are sent out to oakwood.edu email addresses from the the Oakwood University Police Department/and or the Department of Public Relations

Self-service options are also available on www.oakwood.edu and situation.oakwood.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can subscribe?

To ensure the prompt delivery of messages to the people directly affected by an incident on campus, the service is limited to faculty, staff, and students.

Where are the alerts typically sent?

Alerts will be sent to all ‘oakwood.edu’ email adresses and all Oakwood University telephones, 256-726-XXXX voicemail.  As well, text messages, additional emails, and voicemail will be sent to non-Oakwood mobile phones and non-Oakwood email adresses, as designated in the NIXLE system.

Will I receive alert text messages immediately?

Most subscribers receive the alert messages within 5 minutes. However, the University cannot guarantee that the text messages sent during an emergency will be received by all subscribers due to the different data plans provided by multiple vendors of cell phone services. Text messaging plans vary between vendors and provider charges may apply.

How will the university use my cell phone number?

Subscribers’ cell phones will remain confidential and will be used only for emergency notifications by Oakwood University.

Does the service cost anything to use?

Subscribing to emergency text messages is free. However, your cell phone carrier may charge you to receive text messages. Please check with your cellphone vendor for details.

When will Oakwood University use Emergency Alerts?

Oakwood University will limit use of this emergency contact information to only the most urgent campus emergencies. Oakwood University urges community members to take seriously any emergency notifications received via their primary emergency contact point and to respond accordingly. The University periodically tests its emergency communications systems to continually assess its ability to communicate quickly and efficiently.

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