Oakwood University safeguards its instructional environment. 


Prior to the beginning of Fall 2018 classroom instruction, a non-toxic mold, common to Alabama, was discovered in the Biology Department, Building 1, of the Cooper Complex.  Broad concern from administrators, faculty, staff and students about safety prompted higher-than-ordinary caution.  Scheduled classes and labs were relocated away from the department to other areas on campus. 


Further, the impacted and adjacent areas in Biology were tested (by an external testing agency), cleaned by a mold removal company, flooring replaced, air conditioning systems adjusted and sanitized and the areas retested.  In an effort to ensure the highest levels of safety, a final third-party environmental lab testing is taking place and students will not occupy the impacted or adjacent areas until the external testing agency declares the areas all clear.  


Oakwood university remains committed to taking all steps necessary to guarantee the safety of students, employees, and campus patrons.  Please visit the parent portal at updates on this current situation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call (256) 726-8005.

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